Security module access - bundles/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm.dll

I am getting this error when trying to access security module,
// ```
"name": "Error",
"body": {
"message": "undefined: undefined",
"status_code": 400
"message": "Bad Request",
"stack": "o@\nt@\n__kbnSharedDeps_npm__</e.exports/<@\nn@\ne/<@\nf@\nd/o._invoke</<@\nO/</<@\nn@\ns@\n"

 It wasn't like this before 
Anybody knows how to fix this please?

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you clarify what you mean by "trying to access security module" please.


I am facing the same issue. Basically, the error comes when you click on the security module. Nothing works under that module for me

The problem in my case was that I deactivated all ssl configurations, so it gave that error. Apparently, one have to set correctly ssl to have the module works.

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Thanks warkolm :slight_smile:
It's fine now !
What I meant is going to the interface localhost:5601 clicking on security gave that error, but it worked after returning ssl configs.

Thanks Lamis, I give it a try

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