See infrastructure dashboard in full screen


I have upgraded my kibana to 6.7 and able to see infra dashboard.

Is there a way we can close the top selection and see the dashboard in full screen .

@syedsfayaz Unfortunately there isn't a way to do that yet, that's a great idea. I filled a feature enhancement with the team at

Let me know if you want to file the enhancement on Github (to get credit). I can close the original one.

@simianhacker I see you already mentioned my name and the link. Does it not give me credit. :slight_smile: . Is there any advantage of getting a credit for this new feature request. Is yes, I can create one.

It just shows up on your GH profile and activity feed, I just want to make sure you get proper attribution if that sort of thing matters.

Since you have already created one. You can leave it just like that. Probably I will create a github ticket next time.

Thank you for the contribution

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