Selecting multiple fields to display in a line graph

(R Heng) #1

I was wondering can we select more than 1 field for comparision purposes.

for example, i have 3 line graph, 1 line shows a count of user in los angeles, another count in san jose, and another in colorado.

So i wanted to compare the growth of los angeles and san jose. Can this be done?

Multiple lines for count of different values in one field
(Jim Unger) #2

Add an additional Split Lines X-axis bucket?


(R Heng) #3

Note quite what i was thinking. Lets say you created a bar chart along with this line graph with the 3 location.keyword. And say you only wanted to display los angeles and san jose. If you click on the los angeles bar, it'll show the line graph of only los angeles. If you click on san jose, it'll show you the line graph of only san jose . I was thinking if i wanted to see los angeles and san jose only, could that be done? (so clicking on los angeles and san jose). If we were to scale this out to say 1000 locations, with all being similar in count, i thinking being able to select a few and compare would be beneficial.

(Jim Unger) #4

Does the search bar meet your needs?

(R Heng) #5

I'm embeding the dashboard. So the search bar isn't available, unless you know how i could embed the searchbar without the (Discover, Visualization, etc..)

Thats another issue that i'm having.

(Jim Unger) #6

Are you using a shortened URL? if you aren't, you can build and inject your own search terms right into the url.

That's my URL, and my search phrase is this bit here:

So if you're embedding this visualization into your own app, then you can build whatever UI that you want, have it generate the search phrase, and embed it into the url.

(R Heng) #7

But wouldn't doing that take away the ability for the user to select a different location later one. Say at a different time, the user wants to select san jose and colorado.

(Jim Unger) #8

I don't follow. You're embedding the visualization into your own app or dashboard, right? You have the ability to modify the url. With that ability you should be able to specify whatever you want the specific values to filter for.

(R Heng) #9

I'm embedding the dashboard to a host website where the user can click on the different locations. They don't have access to the searchbar where they could enter the commands to display the different combinations.

so say for example, i embed your graph, i would see the line graph for san jose or colorado. From there, if the user wanted to see los angeles and san jose, how can they do that if they only see san jose and colorado...

I might not be following on what you are saying...

(Jim Unger) #10

Can you be more specific re: [quote]
I'm embedding the dashboard to a host website where the user can click on the different locations

(R Heng) #11

Sorry, let me see if i can explain it better...

I'm sharing the dashboard without kibana's menus so that users can not edit the graphs, dashboards etc...

The browser that the users are looking at, don't have the kibana's menus. So its read only for them.

Does that make sense?

(Jim Unger) #12

It does. I'm interested in the UI that you're presenting to the user to 'click on different locations'.. I envision something like this: (albeit very simplified)

What I'm saying, is you can use javascript to determine which checkboxes are checked, and dynamically alter the url of your embed object. building and inserting the appropriate search query depending on which options are selected.

(R Heng) #13


So you have 2 graph, a line graph and a bar graph, both representing locations. Lets take your line graph in your example. Same data but with a bar graph (term location) that represents the location. So if the user clicks on bar that represents los angeles, the line graph will reflect just los angles and if the user clicks on bar that represents san jose, the line graph will reflect on san jose only.

It seems without the searchbar where i could type in the command, i can only select one bar at a time. So comparing 2 locations is not possible using this method.

(Jim Unger) #14

Can you attach a sketch or screenshot of what you're trying to accomplish?

(R Heng) #15

(R Heng) #16

I can't select 2 bar to show the comparison between say x_men and starwars. If i had the search bar, i could type in the command....

(Jim Unger) #17

There is no way to just enable the search bar on an embedded dashboard. I think the best that you can do is add controls to your page that allow your users to create search phrases and inject them into the url of your embedded dashboard as I described above.

(R Heng) #18 looks that...Thanks for help. I appreciate the patience.

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