How to select two fields on the same index



how to select two fields on the same chart?

because of i'm having two different column in my index based on the two column then only i can able to show the chart?

i can't able the solution.

is there any other option available?

kindly provide solution.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "select two fields on the same chart". Could you provide a screenshot and a more detailed explanation of what you're trying to do? Thanks!


i'm having this query in mysql.

select count(X) from Table1 where Y=1 and Z=1;

here i have two fields (X and Y) but in kibana there is no possible to select two fields i can able to select either Y or Z.

if i select one fields means i couldn't able to get the right answer

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Couldn't you use the "add a filter" to create two filters, one where Y is 1 and one where Z is 1? Or you could simply type in the query bar "Y:1 AND Z:1".

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