Selecting multiple values in Kibana

Hi all,

I have an index in Kibana with the following fields Customer name, Product name and Price and I'm trying to determine an easy way to find specific customer based on a selection of products and a specific price.

I want to find all customer that matches this search Product A at Price 10 and Product B at Price 15 and Product C at 12. Is there any way to do this in Kibana?

Thanks for your help!


Our xy charts should help you with this -


Thanks for your reply and this solves the problem for creating graphs or a data table with this result.

I still have a question regarding interactivity with the end user within a dashboard. Is there anyway for the end user to themselves make searches/filtering within the data set in a dashboard to individually select specific price levels for specific products e.g. lets say that the user want find customers by making the following selection in the dashboard price 10 for product A and at the same time price 15 for product B. Is this possible?

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