Send .evtx files to elastic cloud using winlogbeat

Hi everyone, I've more than 100 .evtx files that have to be sent to elastic cloud using winlogbeat. I know the method to send files one by one using this post

But this is a hectic process to provide the path of each file one by one to send .evtx logs to elastic. Is there a way to all logs in one go? Method like '/dir/path/ *.evtx' or '/dir/path/ *' is not working. It throws error

I would probably just script it with PowerShell to loop through each file and run winlogbeat on that file so u don't have to do it manually.

Thank you this seems a great approach!

I haven't written such powershell script before, If you're an expert / experienced in it then please share script code. Meanwhile, let me try to get it done using a script. My log files are more than 500 that seems nearly impossible to do it manually.

Hi, the script called Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 from this github page should help you accomplish that.

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