Send html email using watcher

(Matteo Davì) #1

Dears all,

I'm using logstash + elasticsearch + kibana to monitor my logfiles.
I'm trying to send html- email using a watcher but I receive always the plain text.
Here below the configuration of my action:

"actions": {
"email_html": {
"email": {
"stateless": false,
"to": "",
"from": "",
"subject": "Test Errors",
"priority": "high",
"body": "


"name": "email_html"


(Jon Budzenski) #2

On first glance this looks okay. Has watched been configured to allow html on the elasticsearch side?

(Matteo Davì) #3

Dear @jbudz,

I am using Amazon AWS Elasticsearch Service and the X-Pack plugin is not available on this configuration.
Is there a way to send html email using Kibana-Sentinl? Other solutions?

Thanks in advance.

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