Send Kibana Dashboard Screenshot as HTML Email

I have a use case which is to have a watcher check for things to alert and upon alert it will display the details on Kibana and a screenshot of the kibana dashboard will be automatically captured and sent to a user via html email.

In a nutshell the html email will have nice looking charts and diagrams in it and these will be from a predefined Kibana dashboard

Is the above use case possible with Kibana?

We are working on scheduled PDF reports that will work via integration with Watcher for this exact use case. The email won't include dashboard in HTML, but will attach it as a PDF. Would that work for you?

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It will definitely be great to have PDF reports. My main objective was to have email alerts with rich contents so that information can be represented in a more visual manner.

Can I know what will be the estimated release date of this feature?

We are targeting the 5.0 release for this feature, atm. Alpha1 of this release is planned for later in March and GA in mid-summer. This feature may or may not make 5.0-Alpha1, so do read through the announcement blog to see if it gets mentioned. If not, Alpha2 and Beta1 releases coming about 4 weeks apart after Alpha1 will continue to round out the 5.0 release. We'd love for you to try the feature and provide feedback early during the Alpha/Beta phases!

While you're waiting for the reporting functionality, one thing you might try is generating a link to desired Kibana dashboard with the time range set to the time the watch was triggered at. The URL for the dashboard is fairly simple, for example:


All you'd need to do is use script/template support in watcher to parameterize the date/time in the url. I haven't done this myself, but it seems doable.