Add link to a dashboard in the email alert of Kibana Watcher

I have a watcher that send email every time a condition is met. I wonder if it is possible - and if so, then how - to add to the body text a link to a Kibana dashboard?

When the recipients get that email they would then click on the link to the dashboard present in that email to be taken directly to the relevant dashboard.

Hello @RJC,

You can configure email attachments. The reporting attachment type is a special type to include PDF rendered dashboards from Kibana. This type is consistently polling the kibana app if the dashboard rendering is done, preventing long running HTTP connections, that are potentially killed by firewalls or load balancers in-between.

To automatically generate PDF and CSV reports, generate a POST URL, then submit the HTTP POST request using Watcher or a script.

See Automating report generation.

Thank you.

So, it is not possible - at least at this time - to add a link to a live Kibana dashboard, right?

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