Kibana watcher email of PDF with hyperlinks

Hello everyone,

We have individual record hyperlinks (single column) within any of (Discover or Table Visualization or Dashboard) that link to an application that is external to Kibana.
Is the only way for hyperlinks (sent via watcher alerts), to be “live” to the end-user, is for end-user to have access to Kibana?

Tried watcher with .csv attachment, that opens in Excel, without Hyperlinks.
Also, watcher with .pdf attachment, links are not live.

Thank you!

CSV is only a simple text format, so there is no way for it to tell Excel to display clickable links. There may be some ways to get Excel to automatically recognize links, but I'm not aware of any.

PDF reports contain screenshots (images) of visualizations so they cannot contain clickable links.

If you are using an email action, you may be able to create a HTML template within the email using the body.html attribute.

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