Sending Data From ASP.NET MVC (4.6.1) (VB.NET)


So I have been trying to follow the steps to try to start sending data (logs, exceptions...) to Kibana. I have installed Nuget packages tried follow the code examples. But could not get it to do it. I saw the link below and wanted to see if there is an example of using the environmental variables.

The application is a legacy one so to speak I doubt it will be rewritten in the next year a two - my goal is to see if I can have the app send data to elastic one way or another. My understanding is that though it is not a .NET Core app it is be possible - how is the question. Could you please point me to the right direction? Help me setup up some basic communication between the app and elastic?


Hi @newwayweb,

We have an IIS module which you can add to your 4.6.2 application. Here is the documentation about it - have you seen that?

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