Separate item URL for Visual Builder Table visualization

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I am using Visual Builder - Table visualization to display the available values AND make them as a hyperlink so that a user can click on them and opening a new dashboard with the filter set to the selected value.


So far so good. Now for a different field I have a different requirement.
In this case, each field has a 'separate' dashboard as against the above case where dashboard is same only a different filter needs to be applied.
So how can I achieve this?

I got to a point where I can specify if-else condition using Handlebar syntax, but that does not allow me to check against some value. Rather it can only checks whether a field exists or not.


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For now I am achieving this using HTTP URL redirection. But I would really like to have something within Kibana to solve this. Thanks.

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Can you give an example of how the dashboard name is determined? Dashboards support a query parameter to load by its name instead of id /dashboards?title=foo.

If not it sounds like we need another layer on top. One option is a scripted field, giving you more control.

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Currently dashboards have IDs (which is what gets created by default).


One solution could be to use the same name as that of the field, so that when user clicks on it, I can use the {{key}} parameter to load the corresponding dashboard.
But that would mean, exporting these dashboards, changing the ID to my string and import them back. Surely this is a hacky way and I was wondering if there is a 'well-designed' way. Better approach than this is the URL redirection IMO since I don't want to mess with the design philosophy of using IDs for dashboards instead of user-defined strings. Thanks.

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