Separate Kibana index

I installed x-pack on kibna and elasticsearch, yet x-pack didn't accomplish dashboard separations. So, I am asking if there is a way to separate dashboards for different users.

The current solution to achieve this would be to set up multiple instances of Kibana, each configured to use a different .kibana index. One instance would have the dashboards set up for the Management users, and another instance would be set up for the Operations users.

With X-Pack security, you can create different roles, each with an index privilege to be able to access the particular .kibana index that has the saved objects it needs to use. Then you can grant those roles to the user instead of the built-in kibana_user role. As far as the data are concerned, that can be displayed in Kibana, X-Pack Security enables very fine-grained role-based access control down to the field level (see the for details). So creating user with different data access privileges in Kibana is supported.

This security model does not yet cover the objects (e.g. saved searches, visualization definitions, dashboard definitions) managed by Kibana itself though. Every user is able to see and change all the searches, visualizations and dashboards even though they might be empty because she is not permitted to perform the associated queries. This is something that is being worked on. For now, many customers use multiple Kibana instances backed by the same Elasticsearch cluster to separate their tenants by configuring each instance to use a different index to store the Kibana settings (kibana.index in kibana.yml). This way the dashboards and searches for each tenant are completely isolated.

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