Set custom label feature to blank

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Trying to solve in my Kibana the issue from this hidden field (topic)
Not sure what this stands for

set at the aggregation type level

How & where to implement this?

Tnx :+1:

@avivc if I understand correctly from the previous thread, you're writing a custom visualization and you'd like to hide the Custom Label Texbox so the user can't provide anything. Is this correct?

Tnx @Brandon_Kobel for the input !
Not exactly. Just want to use the custom label to eliminate default text.
I'm trying to understand if there's a way to insert empty character to override to unnecessary text
E.g. - the input is
ScrumTeam: Project._refObjectName.keyword: Descending
I want it to be:
I hope the above is more clear to understand

@avivc would you be able to attach a screenshot of the visualization highlighting the text that you'd like to hide?

This is the default value. I want to eliminate Project._refObjectName.keyword: Descending from the bucket title

Im addind ':' to Custom Label text box as you can see. It create colons duplicity

I want more elegant solution for this issue
Any idea?

@avivc at this time, there really isn't a clean way to customize that, it might be worth filing an Enhancement Request in our GitHub repo.

Now, the ugly work around... If you copy the characters between the quotes " ­ " and paste it into the 'Custom Label' textbox, it should show up blank. It's using the character with Unicode U+00AD to display something that looks like nothing to the user.


Though ugly... but gives me a solution for now !
I'll see if more people are interesting in this feature and comment here. If so, I'll fill a request

Tnx :+1:

Thanks @avivc, I appreciate it.

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