Set date time transformations from date filter

Here is a (partial) syslog entry (ignore IP validity they have been scrambled):

Jun 15 00:51:19 (squid-1): src="" src_port="49530" dst="122.355.89.1" dst_port="80" local_time="15/Jun/2015:00:51:19 +0300"`

Here is the way I am using date filter

  date {
    # target => "@timestamp"
    match => [ "local_time", "dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss +0300" ]
    # local_time="21/Jun/2015:23:45:39 +0300"
    tag_on_failure => ["no_date_match"]
    timezone => "Europe/Athens"

Can anyone explain why my document gets a @timestamp shifted by 3 hours?, i.e. 2015-06-14T21:51:19.000Z

I just want to have in my @timestamp the exact value (without the +0300 part of course) appearing in the local_time field!

The Elastic stack always stores times as UTC. You have specified a timezone of Europe/Athens, which is three hours ahead of UTC.

If you are using Kibana that will typically adjust things back to the browser's local timezone.

Removing the

    timezone => "Europe/Athens"

makes the document having correct @timestamp (which can be viewed via its json representation) but now kibana is the misleading one (3 hours ahead)

The Elastic stack stores times as UTC, regardless of which time zone you are in. If your logs have timestamps that are in Europe/Athens you should expect them to be three hours behind in elasticsearch.

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