Set new value in controls-visualisation after pipeline execution/index creation


i have a kibana dashboard with an index pattern where every month a new index is created by a logstash pipeline within the same index pattern. The data contains a field "month", which is selectable in a controls visualisation, that filters the dashboard for the selected month.

After creating the dashboard and loading the first data i selected the month and saved the dashboard. Now everytime i open it, the first month is selected and set as a filter. I can go to edit mode, select another month, save again and then the newly selected month will be selected every time the dashboard is loaded.

Is there a way to automatically select the new month as soon as the pipeline is executed or the new index is created? So everytime the dashboard is opened, the newest data will be shown.

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When saving the dashboard, you have an option Store time with Dashboard. If you select it, you will get the behavior you just described - dashboard will load the time it was saved with. If you unselect it though, it will load the last 15 minutes of data. I'm afraid there's no way to configure it to automatically load the last month of data.

Hello, thanks, but that does not really relate to the question. It is not about the time setting for the dashboard, but for control visualisation.

So my question is not really how to set the last month of data as time interval in the dashboard, but is it possible to adjust the saved selection of a control visualisation. It just happens that the field my control-visualisation is working on is a time field.

Edit: Kibana Version 8.2
Further Information: I decided against using the time interval that can be set because i have a big table with people and their birthdays in a date column and if i set the time interval to the last month, all people get filtered out from the table, because their birthday is not within the time interval for the dashboard. So my range is always set to last 100 years and i control which month is shown with a control visualisation corresponding to a date field which contains the month at which the database query was executed. If there is a way to exclude such fields as the birthday from the time filter that can be set to a dashboard i would be glad to hear it, but this post should mainly clarify if saved selections of control visualisation are adjustable after a pipeline is executed, an index is created or after some other trigger. Mainly without doing it manually in the kibana UI.

Edit2: This is the component i'm talking about:

where i want to set this selection:
which sets this filter

And as soon as a new value becomes available (because a new index logstash-periode-202207 is created where periode.keyword = 202207 for all records) i want the selection of the control to be changed to this value, such that the new filter of the dashboard is periode.keyword:202207 instead of 202206

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