Setting custom date format from kibana for index template

I there a was to include a date format in an index template mapping using Kibaba?

I can select from the standard ones but I there is no option for entering a custom format. Noe of the standard formats seem to support dd-MM-yyyy

That doesn't make much sense to me sorry.

Try again : )

my apologies for the number typos! I normally eyeball things careful! But clearly not this time.

Is there a way to include a custom date format in an index template mapping using Kibaba?

I have dates in the form dd-mmm-yyyy <time>. THis does not seem to be covered the standard selection of formats available in Kibana. I know that I can include custom formats if I am setting the mappings using API and I was wondering if I could do the same in Kibana.

If you mean under "Create template", then your best bet would be to use the "Load JSON" button to do that directly.

yes that is what meant, and that is what I thought might be the case.

In this case I am having to massage the data anyway and converted time to epoch.


It might be worth creating a feature request on GitHub for this as well.

yes, the ability edit the json as well as upload it would be useful. Same as you can with saved objects -- with the usual provisos ; )

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