Setting default app and import/export seem broken in kibana 5.6.3


I used to be able to set the default landing page by using kibana.defaultAppId in the kibana.yml file, but if I use:

kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/Default"

After creating my dashboard called Default, this doesn't work, as kibana is looking for the id instead of the human readable name, and since that is generated by the application, it is different from host to host (I have around 10 different machines running kibana as they have to be in isolated environments - I would like config managed by salt to be the same on all, not have to keep a record of each id to ensure it keeps working).

Similarly, if I export the searches, visualisations and dashboards from one environment, I cannot import them in to another environment as the id for the index key, searches and visualisations are different from the other environment are different and nothing will import. The dashbaord that are imported are also broken as they're looking for ids that won't ever exist.

This used to work fine in kibana 4, is there any way to make this work in kibana 5? Or am I forced to manually configure each server if I want to upgrade it from kibana 4?


nevermind, seen:

and subsequently:

Testing whether it is fixed in 5.6.3, I installed 3 nodes on the same day and 2 had 5.6.2, the last had 5.6.3, so I must have spanned the release time

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