Setting up an coordinating node

Currently we have a 4 node ES cluster and separate LS and Kibana nodes. I am thinking about setting up a coordinating node alongside Kibana. My goal if to make Kibana a little more resilient and functional when I am doing a rolling-upgrade to the ES cluster. I have a couple questions doing so.

  1. Is the configuration file on the ES coordinating node the same as any of the other ES node in the cluster? Only difference being that it has the following configurations (excluding basic configs like

node.master: false false
node.ingest: false

If the above is true then I will need to add the IP of the new coordinating node to and the transport configurations. Correct?

  1. All of our ES cluster nodes have the xpack security realms defined. Can I remove this configuration from the cluster nodes and just define it on the ES coordinating node? A support engineer hinted that the only node where realms need to be defined is on the node that Kibana is talking to.

  2. A monitoring cluster is different from a coordinating node, right?


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