Setup Guide for NGINX + KIBANA + ElasticSearch?

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Continuing my quest for a cheap authentication/authorization based access to my Kibana + ElasticSearch EC2 Stack - I was looking for some guidance on approaching this. I've looked at a few posts regarding NGINX and had a few questions around it.

My Kibana (2 EC2 Instances) are behind an ELB which is fronted by Route53. My ElasticSearch (3 Nodes and 1 CO Node) with the CO behind an ELB which is also fronted by Route53.
How would I setup NGINX so that Kibana can talk to ElasticSearch and both use the same authentication and authorization schemes?

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I don't know of any guide for this. And since we have a really great security product as part of our commercial offering you're probably not going to find an alternative here. But someone else could respond with suggestions.

The advantage of our Security solution is you can set specific permissions per index (or even per field or by query with the Platinum license). With an Nginx solution I think you'll just get a binary access. Either you have full access or none.

I'm not in sales, but I think we have discounted prices for startup and non-profits, etc. And our Elastic Cloud offering has our Security functionality included.

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