Shakespeare example

I got this log after type this on window powershell to load Shakespear example data.
Do you know How can I handle this? I executed a file on a folder that I downloaded a Shakespeare.json file. (Although I have loaded data to Elastic search)
invoke-RestMethod "http://localhost:9200/shakespeare/doc/_bulk?pretty" -Method Post -ContentType 'application/x-ndjson' -InFile "shakespeare_6.0.json

took errors items
---- ------ -----
1363 False {@{index=}, @{index=}, @{index=}, @{index=}...}

Hi there, it looks like your bulk request was successful. I'm a little confused. What is the problem you're trying to solve?


I think they are mostly successful but I don't know why CMD command generated 1363 False error code. I assumed that there were some error in the data. Maybe not.

That's tabular data. "took", "errors", and "items" are headers, which correspond to the data below it. In other words:

Took: 1363 (the number of documents)
Errors: False (no errors)


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Thank you!

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