Share visualization in editable mode in iFrame


is it possible to share visualization in editable mode?

If I share dashboard in edit mode, I see the gearwheel in the corner for choosing option "edit visualization" but when I click on it, my iFrame just spreads the table and doesnt show edit options. Extending width didnt help,

If I share particular viz, it does the same, just spreads the table.

Is it possible to share iFrame with editing options like we see in Kibana? Thanks

It seems like there is some problem with this in your version of Kibana which seems relatively old. I just tested this with the latest version (7.16) and as long as viewMode:edit is part of the iframe URL, it renders correctly. So it seems like this has been fixed along the way.

This is how the iframe renders to me:

The most recent version will also give you more flexibility of which parts of the UI to render in the iframe:

@flash1293 Hi, I tried it as well on 7.16 and its not working. What you showed me is the dashboard itself but try to click on gearwheel in there and edit some viz in iFrame. It will spread the viz to width of iFrame but doesnt show viz edit options.

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