Short URL for public users

Hello, we're having an issue trying to generate short permalinks for our public users.
Our set-up is login via header in an nginx proxy for the public user and the public space, which are very restricted. But the links they can generate are failing to parse correctly in libreoffice writer, so we want to give them the capability for short links, but there's no way. I tried the suggestion of providing "index" privileges in .kibana but it's not working.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

I think the issue is the same as this:

I added a comment on github here:

Hi @martinsz,

did the github issue help you find a response to your question?

Hello Marta, thanks for asking.

The conclusion in github is that the functionality is there but I don't have the right license to access it, which is disappointing.

We are a non-profit, see out introduction post here: Help a non-profit STIR the data

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