Show date with correct timezone in Kibana alert emails


In Elastic SIEM alert emails, we can use {{date}} as date in email alerts. But the problem is that date is in GMT and my timezone is GMT+1. Is there a way to be able to show the correct date in Kibana alert emails?




Technically the date is UTC format (the Z suffix). We don't currently have a way to localize that to specific time zones. We have an issue open to investigate doing that, via some mustache functions that we'd make available: [alerts] provide mustache functions for ease-of-use in transforming mustache variables · Issue #84217 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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Hello @Patrick_Mueller ,

+1'ed the GH issue. The exact date with the correct timezone is kind of important for less tech-savvy users.

Also Watch emails do allow dates to be transformed, so our users are used to getting alert emails with the correct date. It's hard to explain them we are moving to a new (and 'better'..?) email alert system, but it doesn't have the features we are used to such as transforms and html / css formatting.



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