Show progress pie chat timely basis

Hi, I've a requirement that , I need to show progress of file processing count in a pie chart.

Customer will place 10 files and in my pie chart , I need to show how many files processed and in progress and pending for processing in a pie chart.

Please let me know how I can do this .

Hi @suripaleru,

It feels like you just need an ordinary pie chart with Terms aggregation based on file.status.keyword (or what field you have for the "file processing state").


Thank you for your quick reply. Seems I'm getting count of previous log values also under Pie chart when I select time range as one day.

I want only the latest count of files' running status. Could it be possible with simple chart ?

It depends, what criteria do you use to say whether file should be considered within latest or not?

Could you please provide an example for filters for below case ?

Customer placed 10 files ..
At first, unprocessed 10 - processed 0 - in progress - 0

After 5 minutes = unprocessed 8, processed 1, in progress - 1

How we can show these values in pie chart ? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, any solution on this ?

Filebeat and the Logstash file input are designed to tail files and stream data. They therefore do not generate any event that indicates that a new file has been encountered nor any event that indicates that a file has completed processing. Without this type of data I think it would be difficult to create the type of report you are looking for.

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