Show ratio of numbers with different time-interval lengths

EDIT: changed in title from "different time-intervals" to "different time-interval lengths"

I would like to display a time-series graph of the percentage of users to whom an event occurred.
This means: the number of users to whom an event occurred during a time interval, divided by the number of "active users" - users who were mentioned in the logs in the 7 days prior to that interval.

The first part: .es(q='event:some_event_name', metrics=cardinality:user.keyword)
The seconds part: .es(metrics=cardinality:user.keyword)

The time-intervals should obviously differ.

Is there a way to display this?

You can use the offset parameter to get a different time interval:

Thank you, but I believe offset still uses the same length of interval as without an offset? As I pointed out, the interval-lengths differ: I'd like to divide a unique count from the last 5 minutes by a unique count from the last 7 days.

Ahh, I see. I'm not sure that this is something you can accomplish currently.

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