Compare two time periods for same timeseries

I run performance tests on different time periods and i get the application response time in ELK. I want to compare these time intervals so that i can compare the response time for different build. Response time data is coming in every 5 minutes.

For example :
First Perf test ran 2:00 PM to 4:00PM and second test ran 6:00 to 8:00PM.(These tests can be run at any time and for any duration).

I searched on Internet but could not find any solution. Could you please help in this.

In Lens you can shift your data, check the examples here:

You can also use TSVB for this, check on the FAQ for a pointer on how to offset a series

Could try filtering a metric with KQL/Lucene to select your different time ranges (and have one dashboard metric for each time range) Or use the "Filters" aggregation in Lens to pick each block of time with KQL to see them in one visualization

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