Show Selenium test results In ES


A team runs selenium tests and stores results in xml file. I want to pull this data in to elastic search and plot kibana. Any idea how I can do this?

I need to send below values from the xml file.
testSuiteId= Adaptor (Java Platform) Sanity
productId= Adaptor
versionId= 10.5.1


This is the XML file format I am having.
            	 <TestSuite testSuiteId="64">Adaptor (Java Platform) Sanity</TestSuite> 
            	 <Product productId="2">Adaptor</Product> 
            	 <ProductVersion versionId="15">10.5.1</ProductVersion> 
            <!-- Mandatory Field -->
            	 <Platform>RED HAT 6.6</Platform> 
            <!-- Mandatory Field -->
            <!-- Date Time Format - MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm  -->
            <!-- Use Unique names for images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png supported). Enter multiple images names in comma separated format -->
             	 <!-- Do not edit id and name attributes values --> 
            		 <TestCase id="2223" uName="TC_1" name="Setup completes successfully"> 
            <!-- Use Unique names for images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png supported). Multiple images not allowed -->
             		 <TestCase id="2224" uName="" name="Adaptor war file deploys and starts in application server"> 

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