Show the _slm/status somewhere in Kibana Managment

Like some other users, I encountered this issue : [slm] Snapshots are just ignored when scheduled, but manual _execute works - #5 by stouch

Even if it can look like a dummy issue, I think it would be nice to get the _slm/status status information somewhere in the Snaphot Managment page of Kibana (<kibana_url>/app/management/data/snapshot_restore/snapshots).

Right now, when your slm status is STOPPED, nothing alerts you. Or maybe i missed it ?

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Could you please fill a feature request in the Kibana repo for this?

Ok, I created this request : Show the _slm/status somewhere in Kibana Managment · Issue #148241 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Great, thanks for the feedback, I tagged the appropriate team for them to review.

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