Show Tooltip in Piechart


I like the new reporting feature but would like to see the numbers, shown in the tooltip in the interactive dashboard, in the visualisations. Without numbers the piecharts f.i. are pretty meaningless.
The only way now is to replace them by tables, which is a bit disappointing when you've seen Kibana's visualisations.
Is there another way to show these numbers in the pdf report?


Unfortunately, at present, aside from introducing a side-by-side data table on the dashboard, I can't think of a workaround to capture the data in the report.

We are tracking a couple of enhancement requests to introduce on-visualization data labels that will make this easier in the future.

Simple count labels in legend for which we have an open PR:

Other types of labels (e.g. percentages):

Please feel free to +1 or comment on these requests.

Thanks for using reporting!

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for your reply