Showing image in markdown with api call

hi i am trying to show s3 images in Kibana markdown
if i direct pass image URL like below , its showing image without any issue -

But i m using signed URL , for that i m passing API path in markdown and that API call return image URL which i want to show.
but its not showing any image ,but i can see i m getting API request on server side and path is getting generated .
there is anyway to achieved this .
Thanks in advance



I am not able to recreate the issue with my own URL.

Can you share which version of Kibana you are using? Are you using a presigned AWS URL?

Hi @nickpeihl
i am running 7.9.3
if i am direct passing aws signed url for image i able to show image

![myimage](image signed url) - this work fine

![myimage](api url which return signed image url) this give error


let me know if need any more info.

Thanks for the extra info @DILIP_SHARMA. Can you check the network request for the api call in your browser's dev tools to see if there are any errors? Or maybe see if there are any errors reported in the dev tools console?

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