Simple Word Cloud from Elasticsearch

Hi all,

I have data coming in to Elasticsearch from our Helpdesk system and would like to create a couple of word clouds, one just on occurrences of terms to show most frequent incidents/applications and one on significant terms to highlight recent and increasing incidents and problems.

I've found detail on the web from Jason Davies on using d3 and have had a go at implementing a word cloud but being relatively new to Linux and not being a developer, am having trouble getting things working.

Do any of you have wordclouds working and wouldn't mind sharing code and a step-by-step guide on implementing, or could point me at a good tutorial on getting it working with Elasticsearch and publishing out with nginx or nodejs (or other recommendations)?




If you use Kibana 4.3 or above, you can install a word cloud plugin. The repo and instructions for installing are here.

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Completely missed availability of your plugin.

Great plugin and does exactly what I was looking to achieve. Thank you,