Looking for Elasticsearch / WordPress Development Shop

I work at a niche magazine publishing company on the East Coast that writes about and rates wine. We're looking for a solid development shop to build a WordPress site that will use Elasticsearch to provide search functionality for the content and rating databases. The graphic design is complete and we're now searching for a backend shop to build out the site.
I'd appreciate any leads or recommendations you could send my way.
Have a great weekend and Thank You!

I work at an Elasticsearch consulting/dev shop, OpenSource Connections. But you probably want someone that does general wordpress development that knows some basic Elasticsearch? Sounds like Wordpress is more likely to be the focus?

I can recommend a colleague Brendan Murphy (emailbmurph AT gmail DOT com), that could probably help. He's an excellent Wordpress developer. Here's his LinkedIn profile

But if you think you need something beyond what I'm describing, feel free to shoot me an email dturnbull@opensourceconnections.com