Single line visualization for data posted at different time stamp with relation between data set

Hi All,

Please suggest how to plot different states on a time line view when posted as below sample data , if I use line chart with time stamp on x axis and a sub-bucket of unique ID then it is left with only option which is split chart.
The graph is resulting in fragments of rows or columns based on states (Freedeal, position) besides a single line chart connecting the time stamps corresponding to unique ID with state name at those time stamps.

PFB the sample data -

"30-01-2017 13:50:15","17J29002","Freedeal"
"30-01-2017 13:49:17","17J29002","Position"


I'm not quite sure I understand the question. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the current chart you've created, and describe the issue with it?

Hey Matt,

Currently it is getting plotted as screenshot i.e chart is split on basis of TradeState but what is required is line shart view with timestamp on X-axis, count on Y-axis and Unique trade ID and state details as below-


Thanks for the additional details! Let me make sure I understand: you'd like to display a separate line for each TradeID and you'd like to display the TradeState in the tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over a point on the line?

Yes exactly with time stamp on x-axis so that I could see when the specific TradeID is in which TradeState.

Prateek Divya

Thanks, I think I understand now. Unfortunately this exact functionality doesn't exist at the moment. I believe this open Github issue describes what you want to do: (let me know if I'm wrong). I'd urge you to add your input to that ticket, explaining your use case. That will help the team design a better solution if they decide to add this feature.

In the meantime I can recommend a possible workaround. It's not as nice as having the info in a tooltip, but it might work.

First, create two visualizations. The first would be a line chart with timestamp on the x-axis, split lines on TradeID. The second would be a Metric visualization with a "Top Hit" metric with TradeState selected. The second agg config would look like this:

Next, add these two visualizations to a dashboard side-by-side. You can then click on points in the line chart to create filters, and once the filters are applied the Metric visualization will show the value of TradeState for that TradeID at that time. You can then remove the filters by hitting the back button. Here's how it would look with everything together:

I imagine this might be too cumbersome for your use case, but I figured I'd mention it just in case it helps!

Thanks Matt.
I have already created couple of visualizations on dashboard to answer the problem statement but not in a single view, I would add the input at github issue link.


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