Single-node, manage data with more than one path


I have a little yet productive (then important) single-node ELK stack version 7.9.3.

In my unexperience I didn't properly took care of disk I have a 200GB data partition at around at 90% disk usage, while I have another 100GB partition at around 2% disk usage.

I've configured ILM to keep then rotate data at 180 days (6 months) but currently it's not enough space.

I want to use that other partition to store index data, but according documentation Elasticsearch won't balance data across partitions and also I've read that append a new path to data.path could make shards problems.

So, what would you advise me to take advantage of that currently unused disk space on another partition inside same single node?

You can either;

  • take snapshots to that mount and then delete the indices from the cluster
  • add another node that runs on that mount and you can roll over to (ie cold)

Please upgrade, 7.9 is pretty old and 7.15 is latest :slight_smile:

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