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We have a client that hired a design firm to move to a WordPress site. They are using Elasticsearch with the WordPress plug-in for the search for the new site. The client also has a few legacy apps that did not move into the new WordPress site but are subdomains of the www. The original agreement with the WP dev company was that they would include the subdomains in the search. However, now they are claiming that "all content" meant the stuff in WordPress and not actually "all content". They are now telling me that I need to figure out how to do this. All that aside, I need to figure this out but their guidance (I have NO experience with Elastisearch) is that the legacy app needs to be indexed and then it can be included in the search. Are there any resources for me that specifically address how to do that? The legacy site is written in ColdFusion but it is a very basic site that outputs pages to straight html. Nothing fancy.

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Given you're new to the tech it might be easiest to look at something like our Site Search functionality with the new Wordpress plugin.

It's going to be a heap easier getting started and maintaining.

We are using the WordPress plugin for the WordPress site. We have the other subdomain that somehow has to be indexed and then added into our Elasticsearch instance so that when users search, both options come up. Can we add Site Search in there for that? So that we have Site Search along with the WordPress plug-in? I am so irritated with this vendor!

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