WordPress plugin needed

We want to implement an elasticsearch database that we can access through our WordPress site. We want to create a separate db in elasticsearch. It will NOT be used to search the WP MySQL db. I need to figure out what plugin(s) we need that will allow us to create search and search results forms in WordPress that will connect to the elasticsearch db? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Peter,

Welcome. I've had a quick search and see a community supported plugin ElasticPress. Have you taken a look to see if this does what you want to do?

Hi Carly,

Thanks for the response. I have reviewed ElasticPress and it doesn't seem to be the right fit. ElasticPress' main function is to serve as a bridge between WordPress content and Elasticsearch. In our application, the two databases don't have to be connected. I think what we need is some kind of forms plugin where each field can link to the external Elasticsearch db.

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