Single Watcher Alert for multiple hosts


Is it possible to setup a single Watcher alert for something such as HDD space and have the action send the hostname of the server reporting the issue in the alert?

The only drawback I can see if this is possible is that I would have issues with Throttling if a second server was to meet the watcher criteria, I would then never see this.

Yes , throttling would be an issue, if the throttling kicks in, then it would not matter for which host the condition was true. I was thinking chained input would work here, but the input does not matter here (could also be a search with an aggregation on the hostname) as throttling is just about the condition to be true or false.. and if that could be either host a OR b, then you could miss an alert for a different host because the watch is already throttling.


Thank you Rashmi, I will look at running a watcher per server then.

Awesome, keep us posted.

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