Slack action for elastic cloud

How to configure slack account for Elasticsearch 7.3 under the cloud.
Based on documentation editing elasticsearch.yml is disabled in versions higher than 7.

In the documentation is specified " You can no longer configure Slack accounts using elasticsearch.yml settings. Please use Elasticsearch’s secure keystore method instead."

Secure method instead is saying to use commands which looks like console ones like this
bin/kibana-keystore create
Where to run these commands for cloud version of ELK?
Or may be there is another way to add slack account to ELK cloud?

I would recommend you reach out to Elastic Cloud support about this as they are in a better position to help.

If anyone faces the same difficulty.
You need to add key store in your deployment at
Deployments > Your Deployment > Security

Elasticsearch keystore > Create settings
Settings name: xpack.notification.slack.account.monitoring.secure_url
Secret: your webhook from slack channel


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