How to update elasticsearch.yml if I am using Elastic cloud?

I am trying to set up Slack notification using the following reference:

However, in order to send those notifications, I need to set up my Slack Webhook Url using elasticsearch keystore

but to do this I need to edit my elasticsearch.yml file, and my problem is I don't know how to edit this file if I am using Elasticsearch on Elastic cloud, anyone knows how?

Also, out of curiosity, is there any sort of query or setup that I can do to avoid having to edit elasticsearch.yml file?

I would appreciate any help.

I would recommend you contact Elastic Cloud support about this.

By any chance, do you know why their ticket support doesn't work? I can login to my Elastic Account, but not the support.

@elastic please look into this.

You can edit elasticsearch.yml file on Elastic Cloud by entering in the page of your deployment - example and then in the sidebar on the left side under "Deployments" you will have your deployment name and right above the "Edit" option. Click on it and then in the "Data" of ES you click on "User setting overrides". It will show you the elasticsearch.yml file where you can edit and save the changes.


I really appreciate your help, found it!

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