Slack Action in MachineLearning

Hi there,

i am trying to install slack action to elasticsearch so when I create a MachineLearning job I could add a watcher with slack action.
I add the url to the keystore like the documentation said and put the config in elasticsearch.yml (one at the time to see if either one worked).
In elasticsearch.yml I have right now:
to: ##########

and than I do restart to elastic and kibana and thank when creating the job there is only one option like the picture shows:


The action "Send Slack" doesn't appear.
Can anyone help me with this please?

The Machine Learning UI does not (yet) support creation of Watches with the Slack action. You need to create this watch manually. Or, you could, for example, choose the email option from the UI and then manually change the action by editing the Watch definition.

Oh ok. I thought it was any mistake by me. I tried and it work. Now its only understand wich filter does wats. Thanks very much

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