How to create anomaly alert of Machine Learning in Kibana?

I want to get a Slack notification when there is an anomaly in our APM data. I found this: Alert when there is anomaly in machine learning? but this is Kibana 5.5. I'm using ELK stack 6.5.0, and I didn't see this option.

There is currently no way to specify that an alert/watch action is to invoke a Slack notification if you build the alert in using the ML UI. However, if you create such an alert, and then modify the alert in the Watcher UI, you can modify the Watcher JSON (specifically, the action section) to use a Slack notification instead.

See the Alerting/Watcher docs for more information:

Thanks for the response.

How can I create alerts for ML in Watcher UI? Do I have to create from scratch? Does "create watch for real-time job" still available in 6.5.0?

Good info here:

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