How to create an Alert for APM ML job?

How to create an Alert for APM ML job?
For Uptime, it offers to create automatically. But I can't find a way to create an alert for APM anomalies.


It may not be 100% obvious, but Alerting in the Elastic Stack is undergoing a complete overhaul. For many years, the mechanism to do alerting was with Watcher. However, over the last few versions, a new Alerting framework is emerging and will eventually will replace Watcher.

Uptime uses the new Alerting framework, but alerting on ML jobs still rely on the user to use Watcher (for now). You can refer to this (somewhat dated, but still relevant) blog article to understand how to configure Watcher to alert on ML jobs. (

ML jobs will eventually leverage the new alerting framework. Expect to see that soon.

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