Slurm-plugin CPU utilization

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I am currently trying to create visualizations using the data provided by slurm's elasticsearch plugin. I want to measure the CPUs used by every job completed by the cluster.
Just by using the fields timefields @start and @end, I could be able to compute the total utilization by creating a line series of lines with @start and @end then adding all the cpus associated with the range given

"total_cpus": 1
"cpu_hours": 0.1275
"@end": 1504783275000

The way I see it is similar to measuring how many users are logged in at a certain point in time given their login time and logout time.

Thanks in advance

sorry, but i don't understand your question well ....

could you try to better describe how do you expect your resulting chart to look like ?

hi christianmatira

think it's the same as me in that post

a ticket had been opened

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