Snapshot based on the age of the index

We have daily log indexed in elastic search with logs-%m-%d-%y format, so we need to create the snapshot for indices greater than 30 days and archive it in amazon s3. I came across way to create snapshot using cron schedule and delete the index after certain period of time using ILM.

But is there any way i could create snapshot based on the age of the index like create the snapshot of an index after 30 days from creation of index or create a snapshot when it reaches the cold phase . I came across wait for snapshot policy in ILM but doesn't seem to resolve my actual problem. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

What do you use for creating the Snapshots?

Do you use Snapshot Lifecycle Management or Curator.

Curator filters allow you to snapshot only indices which have a creation date past a given amount of time (see link above).

On SLM this is not possible (see current capabilities here, as the only filter available is on the index name.

Snapshots are usually intended for backup (get what I have now so I can restore everything), while you seem to use snapshots as a phase before archiving.

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