Snapshot for cluster size TB

In the actuallity i have the policy slm for snapshot daily with cluster size 2-5 GB the snapshot are corrects.
I have a question for an cluster size 9TB. We need implement a snapshot daily optim.
Please Could you advise me wich policy for take backups?
it was another tools for that case?.

Version elastic: 7.6.2
Thank you for your time Looking forward for your reply.

7.6 is very much past EOL, you should upgrade as a matter of urgency.

It's not clear what you mean here, can you add a bit more detail on what you want?

I have ES 7.6.2 version and my cluster with 9TB.
It's feasible/recommendable to perform optimal snapshot of my cluster with the slm policy ?
Is there another more efficient tool?
Is there any cluster size limit for snapshot with the slm policy?

I would also recommend that you upgrade, at least to version 7.17.4.

SLM helps schedule and automate the snapshot/restore API, which is the only supported method of backing up an Elasticsearch cluster.

I am not aware of any better solution to schedule and manage the snapshot/restore process.

No. The first snapshot you create will take a while to complete as a lot of data need to be copied, but once that is done only new segments will be copied in subsequent snapshots, which generally results in a lot less data being copied every time.

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