Snapshot lifecycle management in basic version of elastic

Can someone Please provide step by step process for slm in elastic search basic 7.x version.
I had tried post /_slm/my policy name ..
It is not recognizing giving error like index name error.
Please help me to solve this issue asap

Which exact version are you running ? Where did you download it from?

I see the snapshot lifecycle management is free for elasticsearch basic licenses for version 7.2 but when I try the POST method/_slm/ its throws me error.

I want to know the prerequisites to implement the sanpshot lifecycle management how to implemet snapshot lifecycle management is there any documentation available when I try

When I try this I am getting error

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It's available from 7.4

Hi Sai,

I got the same error..upgrad ur elastic search from 7.2 to 7.4

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