Snapshot_missing_exception when deleting multiple snapshots

Hello, from the documentation, Delete a snapshot | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic I am trying to delete multiple snapshots, but get an error:

  "error" : {
    "root_cause" : [
        "type" : "snapshot_missing_exception",
        "reason" : "[esbackup-elk-prod:20200124031645,20200125031645] is missing"
    "type" : "snapshot_missing_exception",
    "reason" : "[esbackup-elk-prod:20200124031645,20200125031645] is missing"
  "status" : 404

I am running the following from the Kibana console

DELETE /_snapshot/esbackup-elk-prod/20200124031645,20200125031645

if I run it on individual snapshot, this works, so

DELETE /_snapshot/esbackup-elk-prod/20200124031645

Any advice is much appreciated

The docs you link are for 7.11. Is that the version you're using?

I am using version 7.9 which has the same API call Delete a snapshot | Elasticsearch Reference [7.x] | Elastic

Hmm I can't see a way to get this error message in any of the 7.9.x versions. Can you share the output of GET /_cat/nodes?h=n,v to verify exactly which version(s) you are using?

 khine@dhegdheer   ~  curl -X GET 'https://es-cluster/_cat/nodes?h=n,v'                       ✔  10632  07:45:59 
409992bfb2253150f1663d6c447268bf 7.7.0
70a3ad17bbde8477461ac1ede4883d5f 7.7.0
265ef5b613b158c738904ab2bb42f5ac 7.7.0
49f176dd9efda0580f02682bee74b6e3 7.7.0
45308337dfcb7b51d4f20f83ef82896e 7.7.0
e1e258089f61e55fc67865c19754d5cd 7.7.0
a8156ae9d4d9e394b06c416eded832e9 7.7.0
b4c458e3ad3d1fab552cc60319fd73d3 7.7.0
521b3aa1ec901492f5b14307fca02d0b 7.7.0
01e87927f72eecf1734a15985d755a24 7.7.0
f44eb0392530741363516c604d618d95 7.7.0

You said you were using 7.9 but this tells us you are using 7.7.0, in which the delete snapshot API is different -- see the docs at the bottom of Take a snapshot of one or more indices | Elasticsearch Reference [7.7] | Elastic and note that there's nothing to indicate DELETE /_snapshot/esbackup-elk-prod/20200124031645,20200125031645 should work in this version.

Hi, sorry, from Delete a snapshot | Elasticsearch Reference [7.x] | Elastic shows that DELETE /_snapshot/esbackup-elk-prod/20200124031645,20200125031645 should work for 7.x


Note the warning, highlighted in yellow, at the top of that page:

You are looking at preliminary documentation for a future release. Not what you want? See the current release documentation.

You are not using 7.x, you are using 7.7.0, so the 7.x docs do not apply.

ok, thank you

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