Snapshot not being taken

I am trying to take a snapshot of an index but its not creating any files , although the backup status comes as ok . all 5 cluster nodes have read/write access to the share. The index status is green and has data.

curl -XPUT 'hadoop1:9200/_snapshot/pa_acct_bck' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{


[elasticsearch@hadoop1 ~]$ curl -XGET 'hadoop1:9200/_snapshot/?pretty'
"pa_acct_bck" : {
"type" : "fs",
"settings" : {
"compress" : "true",
"location" : "pa_acct"

[elasticsearch@hadoop1 ~]$ curl -XGET 'hadoop1:9200/_cat/indices?v'
green open pa_acct KHceC6koSPmg-pLgbzDmrw 5 1 8876326 0 1.5gb 804.1mb

[elasticsearch@hadoop1 ~]$ ls /es_backup/pa_acct

also I have setup the parameter correctly in yml file

[elasticsearch@hadoop1 config]$ grep repo elasticsearch.yml
path.repo: /es_backup
[elasticsearch@hadoop1 config]$
[elasticsearch@hadoop1 config]$ df -h | grep es_backup
246G 25G 210G 11% /es_backup
[elasticsearch@hadoop1 config]$

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