Snapshot Repository with Minio

Hey, I have tried multiple days to get elastic and Minio to talk to each other. For Dev purpose I currently run a docker-compose with Elasticsearch 8.1.1 and the latest Minio. The docker-compose.yml is as basic as it gets: version: "3"services: elastic: image: " -

I create a new bucket in Minio called elastic and have even tried giving it full read/write.
Then I added the secret- and access-keys with docker-compose exec elastic bash -c "echo EXAMPLE | bin/elasticsearch-keystore add -f --stdin s3.client.default.access_key".
Then create the repository with the following cmd:

curl -X PUT "localhost:9200/_snapshot/s3_repository?pretty" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
    "type": "s3",
    "settings": {
        "bucket": "elastic",
        "endpoint": "minio:9000",
        "path_style_access": "true",
        "protocol": "http"

(For testing I also had keys in that request)
When I verify the repository either by adding ?verify=true or in Kibana. I always get no route to host.

{'error': {'root_cause': [{'type': 'repository_exception', 'reason': '[s3_repository] Could not determine repository generation from root blobs'}], 'type': 'repository_exception', 'reason': '[s3_repository] Could not determine repository generation from root blobs', 'caused_by': {'type': 'i_o_exception', 'reason': 'Exception when listing blobs by prefix [index-]', 'caused_by': {'type': 'sdk_client_exception', 'reason': 'Failed to connect to service endpoint: ', 'caused_by': {'type': 'no_route_to_host_exception', 'reason': 'No route to host'}}}}, 'status': 500}

I can exec into the elastic container and ping/curl the minio container. Also configuring the internal docker ip to exclude dns didn't work.

I feel like I have tried all the possible combinations of settings I could scrape from the docs, can anyone give me any more pointers to the a basic setup going?

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